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  • 1. The Rivista di Scienze dell’Educazione RSE (Journal of Educational Sciences) welcomes articles, in Italian and in other languages, which are original and unpublished, i.e. which have not been published in other journals or works.
  • 2. Contributions must have a size of 30,000 to 40,000 characters, including spaces. This limit does not include the notes and any tables and figures, which must be limited to the essential.
    Reviews have a maximum size of 4,000 characters, including spaces.
  • 3. Summaries - supplemented by 4-6 keywords - have a size of between 550 and 700 characters, including spaces.
  • 4. Contributions must be accompanied by a brief presentation of the Author, indicating the institutional/academic affiliation, the field of research/teaching and the Author’s origin.
    A postal address - where will be sent three copies of the journal issue which Authors are entitled to by right - is also required.
  • 5. Articles must be written in electronic format, using a word processor. Any additional formatting (heading, body text, etc.) has to be removed.
  • 6. Contributions must be sent to the Scientific Coordinator at the following e-mail address:
  • 7. Each contribution is put through a peer review process by referees guaranteeing the anonymity of both the reviewers and the Authors.
    The referees are Italian and foreign experts, selected by the Scientific Coordinator, on the basis of their skills and research interests.
    Authors may be required to modify or improve their articles, if the reviewers so suggest.
  • 8. The evaluation of one’s contribution is communicated by the Scientific Coordinator directly to the Author.
  • 9. The Editorial Board reserves the right to publish the articles by intervening in the final editing phase and on the date it deems most appropriate.
  • 10. Scientific collaboration with the journal is not remunerated.
    After publication, the Author is sent three copies of the issue in which his contribution is published as well as the PDF of the article.
    The Authors of works reviewed or officially mentioned by the journal in the sections Recensioni - Review and Segnalazioni - Report, will receive the relevant journal issue as evidence of their publication.
  • 11. The Authors cede the copyrights to the Rivista di Scienze dell’Educazione, RSE (Journal of Educational Sciences).
  • 12. In drawing up their contribution, the Authors must abide by the editorial standards shown below.

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